One-Close Construction

One-Time Close Construction Loan - Building Your Dream Home Just Got Easier!

Why Choose Our One-Time Close Construction Loan?

  • One Closing, One Interest Rate: With only one closing, you get one interest rate, with the option to modify down if the market improves. One down payment, one full credit report to order, and just one approval. Less paperwork, more peace of mind!
  • Dream Even Bigger: With loan options like conventional, high balance, and ARMs, and loan amounts up to $3 million, you can create the home you've always wanted.
  • Credit Score Friendly:  If you have a 680+ FICO score, you're on the path to unlocking your dream home.
  • Low Down Payment: Start building with as little as 5% down.
  • Interest-Only Payments Until Build Completion: You'll only pay the interest while your home is being built, keeping your payments lower during that time.
  • Lock in Your Rate: Found a rate you like? You can lock it in whenever you want. No stress or surprises.
  • Simple Construction Draw Process: Getting the money during construction is a breeze. We make it easy so you can focus on building.
  • Just One Set of Costs: Only one set of closing costs and fees means you can keep more money in your pocket.

Here's the Deal:

  • Various Loan Options Available: Conventional, high balance, and ARMs - we have them all!
  • As Little As 5% Down: No need to break the bank to start building.
  • Interest-Only Payments During Construction: Build now, full payments later.

Your home is a big part of your life, and we believe building it should be exciting, not stressful. With our one-time close construction loan, you'll save time and money, so you can enjoy the fun parts of creating your new home.

Ready to build your dream home? Let's make it happen together! Contact Us Today!